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The Faucet - is... 1 Specialized, mainly advertising sites. Sign on such resources, usually free, but sometimes you need to pass simple registration procedure. Most often, for registration you only need to specify the e-mail address and your bitcoin wallet to wait a bit and push to get Satoshi.

How are Bitcoin faucets?

The owners of Internet resources place their ads these can be banners, videos or flyers on the website of the crane. Visitors clicking the "sign"-transitions enter the portal of the advertiser. The more clicks, the more opportunities to collect Satoshi "penny" of Bitcoin. When the cranes were just starting your online journey, the presence on the website was not a priority. Only the number of viewed ads for a cert ... Read more

In Kiev signed a Memorandum on the blockchain-platform e-Auction 3.0

March 23 at 12:00 in Kyiv hosted a signing of the Memorandum on the development and implementation of decentralized system of online auctions in state institutions at the municipal and regional levels.

In signing the Memorandum was attended by the Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, the founder of the Foundation for innovation and development (IDF Reforms Lab) and former Deputy Minister of justice of Georgia Giorgi Vashadze.

Was attended by representatives of companies Distributed Lab, Oschadbank, Privat, Microsoft, Unitybars who participated in the development of the service.

Based on the technology of the blockchain the auction will be the world's first example ... Read more

Australia becomes a state of FINTECH

Australia becomes a state of FINTECH 1 The Australian government creates favorable conditions for the development of the new economy, built on cutting-edge financial technologies. FINTECH is one of the fastest growing segments in the financial services industry worldwide.

Economy Australia has everything you need to create a successful FINTECH-state, and the government contributes to this. In this country rapidly developing online consulting, bitcoin and the blockchain, P2P-lending and crowdsourcing.

Scott Morrison, the Minister of Finance of Australia, at the launch of FINTECH accelerator in Sydney told about the complex of measures aimed at creating a new economy of FINTECH.

"Financial technologies are ... Read more

The world's largest exhibition of the blockchain will be held in Toronto in September

The world's largest exhibition of the blockchain will be held in Toronto in September 1 Canadian companies Decentral and Psych Canada announced recently its plans to conduct the world's largest exhibition dedicated to the technology of blockchain which will take place in Toronto from 19 to 21 September this year. The sponsor of the event will be organized by TMX Group.

Exhibition Blockchain World Expo promises to be a multidisciplinary conference, which will be attended by companies and speakers from around the world.

The event, held in Toronto - a city that is one of the world's largest "center"s for financial technology, providing an excellent opportunity to gather p ... Read more

Ukrainian startup Hotmine offers miners-heaters

Ukrainian startup Hotmine offers miners-heaters 1 Ukrainian startup Hotmine offers a radical new solution to mine and effectively use the two most useful functions of ASIC miners: the Bitcoin generation and high heat dissipation, which heat the air, water, and other fluids. The idea is to combine miner and heater popular for a long time, however, a complete solution of industrial-level first appeared.

Hotmine announced the release of a series of miners-heaters "Smart heat", including a series of three models.

Externally miner-heater from Hotmine like a big black box stuffed with a bunch of wires and tubes. Inside the device are the most Pa ... Read more

Syndrome Cryptsy: exchange Bleutrade scared users

Syndrome Cryptsy: exchange Bleutrade scared users 1 Every time another cryptocurrency exchange suspends work, there is a good reason for mass panic among Bitcoin enthusiasts. Bleutrade, Cryptsy after bankruptcy who took over the trade of many less popular Althingi, last Saturday posted on its website a warning about unscheduled maintenance. Deposits and withdrawals have been temporarily suspended until Monday.

However, many cryptocurrency traders, taught by bitter experience, when such warnings are beginning to believe that this exchange was visited by a harbinger of the next crash! Recent history with the popular exchange Cryptsy alithinou good confirmation.

Despite the many reasons not to store digital ... Read more

The remuneration to the operators of full nodes in Bitcoin will not work

The remuneration to the operators of full nodes in Bitcoin will not work 1 For several years, from time to time POPs up in the discussion: whether the reward to those operators who run a full Bitcoin node. Even though there is no need to reward people for new concepts appear from time to time. And now one of the users of the forum Reddit has offered to give 45% of the fee for the unit operators of Bitcoin nodes, similar to the cryptocurrency DASH and her forcam.

This caused a heated discussion. But this idea is untenable, because, ultimately, leads to centralizati ... Read more

How can the blockchain help the science

How can the blockchain help the science 1 Interest in the blockchain and the possibility of using it for scientific purposes has arisen in 2013 from the developer Eris Industries Zach Ramsay. And only two years later the task became clearer. Reflecting on the phenomenon of errors in the publication, Ramsay came to the conclusion that the special damage it brings to scientific research.


Imagine that some scientist, for example, microbiologist, came up with the idea for an innovative experiment. He produces an experiment, but is not getting expected result. It changes some settings and trying again. And again the result does not match the hypothesis. In the end, the scientist abandons the ... Read more

Bitfinex to Enable Ethereum Shorting and Margin Trading

The phenomenal rise of Ethereum in the recent months is hard to ignore. The Ethereum cryptocurrency has gained over 100 percent in the past few months, increasing its demand among the cryptocurrency community.

The increasing value combined with a positive outlook for Ethereum as a cryptocurrency and a platform has certainly kindled interest among crypto-traders. Ethereum-Bitcoin and Ethereum-US dollar are widely traded pairs on various trading platforms. However, not all trading platforms offer an option to trade Ethereum. In the absence of trading pairs associated with Ethereum, many well-known Bitcoin trading platforms are increasingly receiving requests from their regular customers.

Bitfinex Includes Ethereum

Bitfinex, one of ... Read more

Central Bank of Kazakhstan Loses Consumer Trust

Similar to most struggling countries around the globe "right" now, the economy in Kazakhstan is linked to the US Dollar. However, with the recent financial woes hitting stock markets all over the world, combined with a declining oil price, the exchange value of a local currency against the US Dollar is fluctuating by quite a margin. Unfortunately for Kazakhstan, the value of their Kazakhstani Tenge has been losing a lot of ground over the past year.

An intervention by the Central Bank of Kazakhstan would help stabilize matters a bit, although it would be quite a challenge to rebuild trust in the Tenge after three iterations of devaluing the currency. Moreover, consumers are not putting their faith in the Central Bank either, as the financial trouble has been p ... Read more

Russian Citizens Force OOOPay To Accept Bitcoin

Keeping in mind how OOOPay is one of the primary online payment platforms in Russia, this new is rather significant regarding the future of digital currency in the country. Getting the unexpected support from such a large payment processor is another notch in the belt of Bitcoin and its community, who see more legitimacy added to the popular digital currency.

What is even more significant is how so many OOOPay customers asked the company to integrate Bitcoin payments sooner rather than later. Russia does not like Bitcoin, and government officials are considering to make Bitcoin activities punishable by law, whereas convicted users can face a jail sentence of up to seven years.

Despite all of these potential drawbacks, OOOPay prides itself on adding ne ... Read more

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